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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is Pregnant!

It's just been revealed today that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. Congratulations to her and her husband, William :) I feel really sorry for them though that they had to reveal the pregnancy before they were ready. One of the loveliest things about any pregnancy is keeping the little secret to yourself until you are ready to reveal all. However, the reason for the royal revelation  is that poor Kate is suffering from severe morning sickness, medically known as hyperemis gravidarium. Most women fortunately only suffer mild to moderate morning sickness, but for those who do suffer even from the milder forms, it's a plight with which many of us who have been pregnant can empathise.

For me, I was at my worst with my first baby and believe you me, it is no joke having to go from day to day never knowing how or whether you'll be able to cope with it. I still recall vividly walking into a shopping centre with my husband and the scent of coffee making me almost sick on the spot. I quite literally ran into the nearest shop and my husband laughed afterwards that it was the first time he'd ever actually seen someone turn green!

Thankfully, for most of us, once the first 12 weeks or so are gone, the symptoms begin to ease, although, to this day, I still can't bear the smell or even the look of lilies which also made me violently ill at one point.

As for Kate, all I can suggest is you try to get as much rest and as much sleep as possible. I found eating very little and very often was what worked best for me and I stuck to bland foods as much as possible.  I actually put together a top tips for coping with morning sickness factsheet a while back which may also offer some useful suggestions for those women going through it at the moment.

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