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Peace at Last - Let the Home Baking Fun Commence!

This morning, after yet another bad night's sleep, I decided on the spur of the moment to make some scones and right now the house smells yummy. It's brought me right back to my childhood where I recall regularly returning home from school to the smell of apple tarts cooking and my mum standing in her apron, rolling pin in hand! Of course she always left a little dough behind for my sister and me so we could make jam pies but since there was only one rolling pin, one of us had to make do with a milk bottle!

My first port of call these days when looking for recipes is usually Google and most times I find great recipes. Today's was no exception with the good old BBC coming to my aid. If you'd like to try the recipe I used, here it is! I had to alter it ever so slightly as I had no sultanas and used raisins instead. Raisins are clearly inferior though as the mix is quite dry and juicy sultanas would have worked much better. However, aside from that minor niggle, this is a recipe for my keepers list and I'll definitely use it again... with sultanas next time!

As I write, my scones are one down, with the rest sitting on a cooling rack, waiting for the children to come in from school to a tasty and relatively junk free treat! I only wish I had time to make such lovely treats every day instead of feeding them a hastily prepared, rather thrown together sandwich!

I'm actually doing quite well this morning in terms of getting things done since the children left for school. I've vacuumed the downstairs of our house which was a total mess after giving in to the demands of my 9 and 7 year old's and putting up the Christmas decorations yesterday evening. I've also baked the above scones, sorted out two piles of washing, started the dishwasher and even got some ironing done - amazing what I manage to acheive when Sophia is sleeping. She's stirring now so I'll not get to do much more, but I will have time to play with her without fretting that the house is falling down around me!

Right, off to see to bubba. Hope you all have a great day :)

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