Week 3 Curly Girl Method - Surprisingly Difficult
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Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair - UK and Ireland Products Please!

I'm enjoying my time becoming a Curly Girl advocate but as more of a wavy girl than a curly girl I'm noticing there isn't a lot of advice for fellow wavies online... Or maybe I just haven't found it yet!!

From what I have found I know that one of the things Curly Girls are encouraged to keep away from is the dreaded hairbrush. Now, as a wavy girl, I'm trying very hard to accept and apply this advice to my wavy head but it's very difficult. Maybe the difficulty stems from childhood when our hairbrush perched on the hall table and we had to brush vigorously every morning before heading out to school. Even today one of the questions I rountinely ask my own children every morning is "Have you brushed your hair?"

With wavy hair, a hairbrush avoidance is probably more awkward than it is for really curly girls. Girls with curls who brush end up fluffy. Wavy hair, or at least my wavy hair, ends up looking rat-tail-ish by day two and really needs those ends fixed and finger combing just isn't doing it for me!

So, yes, moving away from the hairbrush is hard. I've given in once or twice but am trying ever so hard not to brush between washes at the moment.

I'm also noticing just in the last few days that as a wavy my hair seems to prefer not being "plopped". My waves start somewhere above my ears and the last couple of times I plopped I noticed the wave above my ears goes a bit bonkers and somewhat fluffy. The ends look great but the first waves look odd.

Now, doubtless there are reasons for this, but I'm at a loss. I know years of straightening have basically destroyed certain sections of my hair, particularly in the so-called canopy, and highlighting in the last year has only served to make this worse, but I'm hoping that cutting out the straightening will at least allow any new hair to be less damaged. I think I'll have to stick with the highlighting though simply to disguise the greys/ silvers that have been appearing in ever increasing numbers recently! (I had been happier with dark hair but unfortunately I was finding the dyes irritated my scalp so highlighting alone seems a better option for me, though not for the condition of my hair!)

Anyway, back to wavy girls. On Naturally Curly.com I came across a blogger, Alyssa Hawkins who is a wavy and who posts some interesting articles which I'm enjoying reading through. Unfortunately, her recommendations are mainly for products which are difficult to source in the UK and since I'm in the UK I just want to be able to pop into a local shop to buy whatever product I need as and when I need it.

As a wavy girl, I'm currently looking for a serum that doesn't contain silicone but which will make my hair look frizz free and alive. I don't yet know if such a thing exists, but I want that lovely silky feel that I'm just not getting at the moment. My hair feels lovely, looks soft and healthy, but for me the little frizzies sticking up all over the place are a little bothersome. Even as a straighty, when I was using my GHD's, I was never really a big product user - all I ever used was shampoo, conditioner and serum. Now that I'm embracing my waves I'm really not keen on all the gels, mousses etc that are advised to hold the waves/ curls and I'd like my hair to be as natural as possible without all the extras!

My search goes on but hopefully when I next post I'll be in a position to help all you wavies out there to get the right products at reasonable prices in the UK and Ireland!

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