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Week 3 Curly Girl Method - Surprisingly Difficult

Well, I'm on day 19 of the Curly Girl method and I must admit I'm struggling big time. Yes, my hair feels much better and is enjoying the break from my ghd's, but I'm finding the unpredictability of the whole experiment rather tedious.

Before I continue, I'll own up that I haven't fully embraced the whole Curly Girl method as I'm still shampooing my hair although as mentioned previously I have made the switch to a sulfate free one, Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo . I've also changed the way in which I shampoo and no longer pile all my hair on top of my head and give it a good old scrub; instead I massage my shampoo into my roots and then coat my hands in more shampoo and gently run my fingers through the length as seen in a Youtube video.

It's definitely a much gentler way of washing and does get my hair lovely and clean. In fact, I've started thinking about my hair as a sort of special care fabric. Instead of sticking it in the hot wash and scrubbling the life out of it, I now use a cool wash for delicates! I wash it in warm water but drench it in almost cold at the end before applying a little bit of leave in conditioner.

Speaking of conditioning, I'm trying out different silicone free conditioners. I was happy with Boots Naked conditioner but read a lot about Tresemme Naturals so decided to give it a try last time I washed and whilst it felt slippery I was disappointed by how my hair looked afterwards. However, I think this is because I conditioner only (CO) washed which I'm finding my hair doesn't seem to like. CO washing leaves my hair looking dull and dry so this morning I've oiled it with lots of warmed coconut oil which my hair loves and have it wrapped in a shower cap. I'm intending on washing it shortly with my Organix shampoo, then I'm going to condition it whilst soaking wet with a L'Oreal Ever Sleek deep condioner which is silicone free and finally plop, then air dry as much as I can.

Curly girl method week 2 front
Week 2 Curly Girl 


Curly girl method week 2
Curly Girl
 Actually, as my hair is so thick and I live in a cold wet climate (Ireland!) I've found the air drying a bit of a nightmare too. I relented a few times recently and used my hairdrier on its lowest setting with a sock diffuser aimed at the roots until about 80% dry. At that point I gave it a cool blast.

Mind you, before doing any of that I have been soaking up most of the immediate moisture in a microfibre towel before "plopping" for 30 minutes in an old t-shirt (plopping, a Curly Girl term referring to a means of drying the hair in a wavy/curl encouraging form, is causing great hilarity in our house as it means pooping over here!)

I am noticing a lots of good changes in my hair despite not even being half way through the whole experiment. It is definitely getting twirlier and the texture has improved but sadly the whole thing is much more time consuming than just washing, conditioning, adding serum and then straightening. I'm hoping it will be worth it in the long run but am really struggling to the point of despair with the whole second day hair thing. Because my hair is highlighted, it looks dried out on day 2 and whereas normally I'd just run my GHD's through it on my second day, with the Curly Girl method that isn't an option. I end up splashing it with water, adding leave in conditioners and am even avoiding leaving the house. That's fine most of the time as I work from home, but if I was working outside the home I don't think I could do it.

I'm also finding that although I feel truly liberated on the days that I wash my hair when it really does look great, by the second day I feel deflated and my hair looks awful! A few people have commented on how lovely it looks on wash days but my parents are still steadfastly silent! Hubby thinks that's a good thing and he absolutely loves my new wavy look, but I usually rely a lot on what my parents tell me as they're very honest and will say what they really think. So, I'm at a loss really. I will stick it out as I refuse to be beaten by my unruly mop but unless I see big improvements I'm not sure I'll make it beyond the 6 weeks I've promised myself...

Actually, this morning I even broke a golden rule of the Curly Girl method by brushing my day 3 hair. Granted, I started from the bottom and very gently worked my way up my hair and was delighted to find it wasn't actually knotty although it did look like that so all the conditioning is obviously having an effect. If I had really curly hair I'd have been a big fluffy mess after brushing, but as a wavy head my hair didn't look much different from before. Anyway, I made up for my moment of spontaneous brushing by slathering on the coconut oil and will await the washing and conditioning that will be completed sometime this morning.

I've also decided to book in with my hairdresser to get a good cut which is something you're encouraged to do at the beginning of the whole process. My hair is fairly long but I'm really feeling it's time for a change so think I'll get it cut to shoulder length next time...

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