Breastfeeding and Antibiotics

Well, I had fun last night... Yesterday evening just before we had our supper I realised I wasn't feeling very well (had flu-like symptoms, very sore lower tummy) and to cut a long story short realised I had the much dreaded cystitis.

I've had cystitis in the distant past when I was a poor struggling student living in freezing cold shared rental accommodation so I recognised the symptoms straight away. And considering I ventured outside to take some photos on one of the coldest days we've had so far this year it's no wonder I got sick!

Hubby kindly took a trip out to the local shop to stock up on cranberry juice which reputedly helps with the symptoms. But after drinking down 2 litres of it plus 3 pints of water in the space of a couple of hours I was feeling even worse and by this point was suffering bad back pains - a sure sign that the infection has moved up into the kidneys! By now I was passing blood and vomiting - yuck!

Anyway, clinging to my hot water bottle I phoned the out of hours doctor (who was not my usual GP) at 10pm and she left a prescription for me which Stan picked up.

But it got me thinking about how important it is to inform any doctor you need to see if you are breastfeeding. Many medicines pass into the breastmilk and can have adverse effects on infants so it's something to be especially careful about when dealing with a new doctor.

Luckily I did remember and was prescribed a suitable antibiotic. But I always double check just in case.  And as I did so I came across this page on the Breastfeeding Network site which details antibiotics that are safe to take when breastfeeding as well as listing others which are less so and their potential side effects.  It put my mind at ease and I was happy to start my prescribed course.

Right now I am feeling a lot better and extremely thankful that I live in an age when antibiotics are available. The thought of going through the agony I have suffered with kidney infections in the past fills me with dread and I am so glad I got treated so quickly...  and without causing any harm to Jack in the process!