Top 100 Baby Names 2012 - The Results

Woohoo, the results are in and the top 100 baby names of 2012 have just been published by Babycentre. Check out how many you have in your family!

In our own family we happened by chance to choose Sophia last year - although I don't really know why as it wasn't even on my own final list! In fact, I've always deliberately tried to avoid picking the top name for a particular year just in case half my child's class ended up with the same name, but looks like our Sophia might end up knowing quite a few other girls named Sophia as she grows up... Ah well, too late for us to do anything about it now. I guess we just have a habit of choosing popular and rather traditional names - our other children, Tara, Sarah and Jack usually end up somewhere on the lists too!

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William and Kate's Baby Names List

So William and Kate are expecting their first baby and sooner or later they'll have to pick a name for the little boy or girl who'll eventually become the future monarch.

Not surprisingly, the bookies are already taking bets on the baby's name and many expect them to choose something traditional. In all likelihood this is exactly what will be the case and they'll not have the varied choice most of us have. It's likely they'll pick the name of a previous monarch but I wonder if William's mother Diana will get a mention. Wouldn't it be nice if William and Kate gave their baby, if it's a girl, his mother's name as a second or perhaps third name in remembrance of her life.

We'll have to wait and see...

Baby Names

Baby Names... How much importance do you place on yours?

I for one fretted and worried so much throughout each of my pregnancies about what to call my children. I worried about whether or not they would fit their names, whether or not I would go off their names, whether or not they would like their names as they grew older, whether or not friends would shorten their names and whether or not our families would approve of their names!

Looking back it seems I did a lot of unnecessary worrying and each of my children has simply grown into their identity. But it's something many parents worry about and some mothers to be even ask for opinions on the baby names they're considering...

And so I decided it was time I jumped into the baby names field and as a result I have begun adding some baby names pages to my website, Breastfeeding Mums!

I did a little research and discovered the top 100 baby names in England and Wales for 2005, 2006 and 2007, the top top 1000 American baby names, top 1000 American girls baby  names, top 1000 American boys baby names and have added these to the site. I've also added some tips on how to choose the right name for your baby!

So if you know anyone who is pregnant and going through the dilemma of chooosing a suitable name, please let them know that Breast Feeding Mums is on the job!