Breastfeeding Photos - Naomi

We've just received this gorgeous breastfeeding photo featuring Pearl breastfeeding her newborn daughter, Naomi! I think you'll agree it's stunning and a great advert for breastfeeding :)


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Miscarriage Poems - You Are Mine!

This tender miscarriage poem was sent to us by a grandmother who wrote it in memory of her grandchild after her daughter suffered a miscarriage.

You Are Mine!

Your guardian angel
placed you in my womb.

A safe haven, right under my heart.
I held you with my body,

A hug that was 360 degrees
For 24 hours each day.

You and I were one for several weeks,
I dreamed of your face,

Held you in my arms,
Kissed your tiny hands,

I gave you a name,
You were mine!

You were called by name,
By the Lord above,

To the only place,
That is as beautiful and safe as inside me.

I let you go,
To the only one that would love you as much as I do.

So here I am and there you are,
You waiting for me –

Me waiting for you
Locked in a Love embrace

360 degrees
24 hours a day.

You are Mine!

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Breastfeeding a 4 Year Old (Guest Post)

I have been a nursing mother for 4 and a half years now.  My son is a wonderful chunky outgoing little boy who loves his “boob drink”.  It has been fun asking him what he prefers “daddy or boob drink”?  Of course no matter what I put up against the milky stuff, the milky stuff always triumphs.  He loves it and is definitely telling me that he has no intention of giving it up anytime soon.

My son’s natural weaning process has been quite slow.  When my son was a year or so old, I often read about babies already sleeping through the night/not nursing by the time they were 11/2 – 2.  I was curious as to when I could expect my wriggly little monster to give me a full nights sleep without requesting the “boob drink”.  Of course though, despite reading about others experiences, mine was certainly different and my son didn’t give up the night feeding by the time he was 2.  It took a lot longer.  In fact I think it has only been in the last year (so potentially when he was 31/2) that he no longer feeds during the night.  He still likes to have a morning feed in bed though (we chose to cosleep rather than use a cot bed.

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Miranda Kerr Breastfeeding Photo

Miranda kerr breastfeeding Another celebrity breastfeeding mum!

Miranda Kerr, wife of actor Orlando Bloom, has been photographed by her husband breast feeding her adorable new baby boy, Flynn.

Breastfeeding her son whilst lying on her side, the image illustrates one of the more popular breastfeeding positions often adopted by new mothers, particularly during night time feeds or following c-sections.

It's a lovely image showing a very contented looking mother and baby and will hopefully inspire a few more mums to try breastfeeding for themselves!

Lots of New Stuff on Breastfeeding Mums!

writing It may seem as if I've forgotten all about this blog lately but I really haven't! It's just that over the last few months I've been busily adding lots of new articles and useful resources to

Regular visitors will probably have noticed that I haven't been blogging so much about breastfeeding lately and while it's true, it doesn't mean I'm no longer interested! Although I'm not breastfeeding anymore I'm still keen to get the message out there that it's the best way to feed your child.

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Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy, Laura Keegan R.N., F.N.P

Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy, Laura Keegan  Wow, Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy by Laura Keegan R.N., F.N.P has to be one of the most beautiful and unique books about breastfeeding I've yet had the privilege to review. What makes it really special is that it is absolutely packed full of intimate, heart-melting and tender breastfeeding photographs; photographs of real mothers breastfeeding their beautiful babies in comfort and joy!

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Breastfeeding Photos and Pregnancy Photos!

As promised in a previous post, my grateful thanks to the following moms who sent me some really beautiful pregnancy photos and breastfeeding photos for BreastfeedingMums new photo galleries. I was really touched that you chose to share some of your most tender moments with visitors to my site.

Susan at

Amy at and Attached at the Hip.

Rachelle at

SofiaMarie's Mom

Laura at and (coming soon).


Crystal at

If any of these lovely images inspire you to send your images to BreastFeedingMums you can simply email them to me... and don't forget to include your website or blog URL if you'd like a link in return!