Chuggington - Great Train Adventures for Little Boys and Girls

Chuggington I was recently asked to review some Chuggington DVD's. To be honest, I hadn't heard of Chuggington, which in hindsight is surprising considering my son is such a huge Thomas the Tank Engine fan! Upon thinking about this however, it all became very clear to me. Jack has two big sisters who I suspect, like most big sisters, tend to commandeer the television and coerce him into watching "programmes we all like", ie programmes which inevitably feature mermaids or teenage girls being cool!

Poor Jack.

Well, I did a little bit of research and discovered that Chuggington is a massive CBeebies hit with both pre-schoolers and younger school children. It's also aimed at both boys and girls, unlike Thomas which I've always felt is very much aimed at the boy end of the market!

Produced by Sarah Ball, who has also worked on Bob the Builder, Chuggington the series is a sort of hybrid of Thomas the Tank Engine and Roary the Racing Car in that it features a wide variety of trains, but is filmed in very high quality CGI animation, the sort where you can nearly reach into the tv and lift the characters out...

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