Product Review: The Three Little Pigs App by Nosy Crow

The three little pigs I was recently offered the opportunity to review The Three Little Pigs App by Nosy Crow. Having three computer savvy kids and not yet the proud owner of an iPad, I was more than happy to add it to my iPod Touch and let the children have a play.

Whist watching, and I must confess having a wee play with it myself, I was delighted to see how quickly all three children took to the game and how much fun they appeared to get from it. Not only that but the app definitely falls under the banner of educational, so there's no guilt on my behalf when the children are playing with it!

Tara, my 11 year old daughter, volunteered to put forward her thoughts on the game and here's what she had to say about it:

The Three Little Pigs app is a very good app with some amazing features. For example, if you tilt your ipod the app has a 3D effect and if you flick the characters with your fingetips they will do funny things like jump and flip!

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Guest Post: Making Memories: 5 Reasons to Photograph Your Kids

Parents all know that a majority of young children think taking pictures are lame. They think it's a waste of time to pose, whether alone or with other people, simply to see what they would look like. But what they don't understand is that they won't stay little forever, and sometimes, pictures help us remember the awesome days of when they were little. Here are several main reasons why you should take pictures of the kids:

  1. Children Do Grow Up - Kids grow up too fast. One minute they're crawling, and then the next, they're running off to get married. Okay, so that was a bit extreme, but you know what I'm talking about. I'm a mother of two and already my kids are school. I don't get to see them all day like I used to. So taking pictures will help me remember my babies, when I age and can't remember a single thing.

  1. Appreciate Their Baby Years - We adults forget as we get older. What's most important is that we will want to remember things as they are. If I could go back in time to the days when my kids were wearing diapers, it would put me in a really happy place. I had so much fun then. I took pictures of them and I always go back to them seeing how wonderful we all were, and still are. Up until a few years ago, film cameras were how pictures were developed. In the age of technology, digital cameras make it so easy to take a lot of pictures and view them on my computer.

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Paper Jamz Series 2 Guitars - Are You Rocking Yet?

Paper jamz A parcel arrived at my door a few days ago and not having ordered anything recently, I assumed it was my husband's birthday gift for me... a bit out of character though as he's normally a last minute purchaser and it's still a few weeks until my birthday!

Anyway, when I looked at the docket that came with it I quickly realised it was something fun for me to review - one of six brand new Paper Jamz Series 2 guitars! (You may already be aware of the whole Paper Jamz phenomenon as the Series 1 guitars were one of the best selling toys of 2010.)

I decided to wait until the children came home from school before opening it as I wanted to surprise them and oh boy were they surprised. You see, on recent trips to our local toy store they'd been testing them out but I hadn't yet bought one as I was thinking they'd make good birthday presents. With a few birthdays in the very near future, Paper jamz had been ear-marked!


We quickly read the instructions, which were very thorough and my son decided it was only fair that he get to play it first - what with being the only boy and the youngest - and so it was!

The guitar we received was Guitar Style 11, as pictured above, a very funky, and proper hard rocker-style guitar which included 3 hit rock songs to play along to: Invincible (Adelitas Way), Woman (Wolf Mother) and Devour (Shinedown). Jack took to it immediately much to the delight of the rest of us who fell about laughing at his rock star pose and the faces he pulled as he strummed along... He went from being a little boy to a scary rock-star in moments!

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New Children’s Publisher Launches 

The Three Little Pigs App for iPad

London, For Immediate Release: Nosy Crow, a new children’s book and app publisher in London, has launched a highly innovative app for iPad™, The Three Little Pigs. This is the first in a series of 3-D Fairy Tale apps from Nosy Crow for children ages 4 and up. It will be available on the App Store starting February 17, 2011.

The Three Little Pigs app takes full advantage of the iPad’s technical capabilities to create a unique reading experience. It features sophisticated animation, original interactive music, child narrators and hundreds of interactive touch points. Children tap the screen to make the pigs talk, spin into the air and build their homes of straw, sticks and bricks. They use the microphone to help the wolf blow down the houses. What’s more, as children tilt the iPad, the screen perspective changes to reveal hidden details and more of the scene.

“We aren’t squashing books that already exist onto tablets,” says Kate Wilson, Managing Director of Nosy Crow. “As publishers with decades of storytelling experience, we’ve created a new way for children to learn to explore and read stories. The Three Little Pigs app is fun, surprising, educational and worth reading again and again.”


Blizzard - Memories of Childhood

Opening sleepy eyes in my darkened bedroom, I sensed that something was different. As my eight year old lanky legs eased themselves from the cosy warmth of my heavy quilt and I lifted my still tired head from my still warm pillow, my mummy opened the door, grinned and rushed towards the window. Drawing open the heavy velvet curtains she shrilly announced, "Get up quickly - it's snowing!"

Bursting with sudden energy, I found myself by her side. At this point the house was swarming with life, my six year old sister jumping up and down on the bed and me marvelling that Jack Frost had not only left his finger prints on the window pane but he'd also dropped his big sack of snowflakes all over the garden and fields behind our house!

"Quickly, get washed and dressed and you can play for a wee while outside before school."

The race was on for the bathroom. A quick wash and we were gone, like tiny adventurers off to explore a wintery wonderland!

Eyes straining against the blinding whiteness, my sister and I along with our little brother tumbled out the back door and swiftly grabbed handfuls of the fluffy white stuff. Silent snowflakes slowly tumbled all around us as we tramped our footprints over the soft virgin ground and watched entranced as cloudy puffs of breath escaped from our chilled lungs.

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Ski Lessons Anyone?

I've never been skiing although the idea of it excites me. Having always been one who adores the snow and is straight out there building snowmen with my children at the first opportunity, the thought of heading off to a snowy land is thrilling. Friends who've been skiing tell me it's invigorating, great for family fun and thoroughly enjoyable but that ski lessons are a good idea prior to taking off to snowy climes!

Well, as winter rapidly approaches, if like me skiing appeals to your sense of adventure, then now might be a good time to start thinking about booking some holiday ski lessons.

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Getting Your Kids to Enjoy Nature's Medicine

Are you like many Mom's who are totally frustrated with trying to convince the kids to take their eyes off the television and their fingers off the games controls and spend some time outdoors? If so, then perhaps these suggestions will help you in your battle against the cyber world so your kids will enjoy a healthier outdoor atmosphere.

How you will approach this task will depend on the age of the youngsters. This can be anywhere from when they first discover the television right up into their teens.

For the little ones make up an outdoor adventure focusing on something they are intrigued with. Perhaps your little guy likes insects and bugs, where your little girl is mesmerized with butterflies. The plan is, that you heard about this really neat new bug or butterfly that is around and you are going on a nature hunt.

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Tips on Traveling With Your Kids

Anyone that has ever been on a road trip with youngsters certainly know that it can be quite a challenge trying to keep them occupied if it is for a long period of time. There are many things however that you can do to keep them busy along the way. The types of activities that you use of course will depend on the age. Here are a few suggestions according to age.

Ages 3 to 6
Story telling with a twist:

Here you begin a story with one line then each person in the car adds one line to it. Be sure that each person takes a turn in the if there are other adults, as it seems the kids enjoy it more when everyone participates.

Color counting 

If you are going to be traveling on a well traveled road then get each of the children to pick their favorite color. Then get them to add up the number of vehicles that they see that are of their chosen color. Set a short time limit for this around ten minutes.

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Return of the Honey Monster! Tell 'Em About the Honey Mummy!

Yay, one of my all time childhood favourite tv characters has returned to the small screen (see above) - the Honey Monster! Remember him? He looked like a big cuddly Sugar Puff and his childish behaviour endeared him to many children, including my husband and I. Even today, I still remember chanting his wonderful catch-phrase, "Tell 'em about the honey, mummy!"

Well, now it's time for my children to fall in love with him two - although perhaps not so much a first crush, as  a first crunch!

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