Going Grey with a Little Encouragement

I mentioned in my last post that for a number of reasons I've decided to let my hair go back to its natural colour. Whereas in my younger days that simply meant returning to its deep chocolate brown, these days it means going salt and pepper!

Like many of us who have chosen or have been forced to stop dying our hair for health or other reasons, it's good to have a support network to help keep us on our tracks. It has taken me a good year or more to make up my mind about going gray and I've met some resistance along the way, from family, friends and even hairdressers. Whilst I can understand why people may think I'm 'letting myself go', I most definitely am not letting myself go and, in fact, am actually taking more care than ever to prevent myself from doing so!

In recent days, especially now that my hair is much more noticeably grey, I've been seeking and finding a lot of support in grey hair forums, Facebook groups and many blogs and website posts. Some of these I have stumbled across, some have been recommended and some have now been revisited many times over!

It's actually wonderful finding a supportive network to help myself through what at times is a fairly challenging process.

Sometimes I find myself catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror and thinking I look like someone has just tipped some talc over the top of my head. Other times, I just think I look dreadful and long for a trip to the hair salon and seeing myself emerge with silky, shiny, dark brown (or even light brown) locks! Yes, it's most definitely not easy embracing the grey look. Aside from just my hair, going grey means my makeup needs to change, my clothes need to change and I need to find a look that suits me but which is still me, if you know what I mean...

Also, grey hair has specific needs. Apparently, it has a tendency to dry out easily, and whilst I'm used to that particular problem with highlights, I know I will have to take extra care to prevent it yellowing and breaking easily. Fortunately, a while back I tried out the Curly Girl Method and although I didn't persevere with it I am keen to try again as I can see how it will help nurture my hair. Just a few days ago I ordered a Deva hair care travel kit in the hope that I will be able to stick it out this time and give my poor tortured hair some tlc and perhaps feel the benefits in my newly emerging silvers!

Over the coming days, weeks and months I'll document what products and routines help me in my grey quest and hopefully my results will help others out there to go back to their natural hair colour. I don't expect this journey to be easy, but I do hope it will be less stressful than I originally anticipated.

So, let the journey unfold...

Going Grey - The Early Days!

Well, I haven't been on here for a very long time and that's simply because my life is crazy busy these days. With 4 children ranging in age from 3 to 15 I am dealing with everything from toddler tantrums to teenage tantrums and everything in between.

However, I've been rethinking lots of things in my life and have finally decided to take the plunge and stop colouring my hair. I know, I know, it's the popular thing to do right now as grey is the new black or blonde and all that...but my reasons really aren't fashion related at all. They are, to put it bluntly, health related.

For several years now, I've been having increasingly severe reactions to the hair dye my many hairdressers have been applying. At the beginning I tried changing hairdresser, believing they were using sub-standard products and tried others using newer and supposedly less allergic dyes. No joy. Finally I opted for highlights minus a base colour when it became obvious that I simply couldn't tolerate any chemicals touching my scalp. Although this has worked well for me with regards to the itching, weeping and crusting at the base of my skull, I am sick of hair with the texture of straw! Frankly, I've had enough. That, plus a minor but rather worrying health scare recently, helped make the decision for me. No more dye.

You might think, well you go girl, it's your life, do what you want with it. That's not how it works though, as many before me will testify...

When my immediate and then wider family realised that I hadn't coloured my hair for longer than normal, the questions and then the opinions came flying in. My husband, for example, chooses to believe I just haven't got around to booking an appointment yet. He tells me he doesn't have an opinion on my going grey!

My eldest daughter on the other hand has gone all feminist declaring it's my head, my hair and my decision. Fair enough.

My middle daughter has pleaded with me to get it coloured pronto, insisting I will look old and pulling horrified faces as she declares how much she hates my silvers!

My son however has announced he loves me regardless of my hair colour as the colour or lack thereof doesn't matter to him at all.

My 3 year old can't make up her mind, one minute telling me she hates my white hair, the next telling me she hates my brown hair!

My mum and sisters think I've lost the plot and keep suggesting I'll look ill and old (again!) whilst my father says nothing but looks at me with a slight question mark apparent!

So, and it feels like I'm at confession here, forgive me if I look a bit odd at the moment, but it has been 19 weeks since my last hair colour! I'm personally enjoying seeing my varying shades of white, silver and grey as they streak and sparkle through my hairline and I'm looking forward to documenting my journey into silveriness!

My life, my choice... Or is it??

Have you taken the plunge? How was or is it for you?