July Carnival of Breastfeeding: The Things They Say

Welcome to the eighth Carnival of Breastfeeding, the theme of which, as promised, is "The Things They Say" ie, funny comments other people have made about breastfeeding!!

As usual, we have some great posts, listed below, for you to check out from both our regular participants and new contributors.

Whilst I’ve heard many a funny story from other people about the things their work colleagues or in-laws have said, for my part, it’s most often my children who say the things that make me grin or cringe.

And as a result of breastfeeding both my daughters until they were almost 11/2 years old and with my son still breastfeeding at 2 years, that's perhaps no surprise really!

Here are just a few of their bloopers, those that I can repeat!

Sarah, aged 2, shortly after her baby brother was born: “Mummy, don't you keep Jack's milk in your little cupboard?” (my nursing bra!)

Tara aged 2: “Mummy, when I was a baby didn't I suck milk out of your... brains?” (spoken in front of visitors - with a deafening silence before she uttered the last word!)

Jack aged 2, on a packed train tugging desperately on my blouse, “Mama Juice, Mama Juice NOW!”

Jack standing beneath me as I waited to be served at a local café, suddenly pulled my pop-button blouse completely open before screaming triumphantly, "Mama Juice!"

Tara, speaking in a very loud clear voice whilst in a supermarket a couple of months after weaning, and just as a gentleman strolled past us: “Mummy didn’t you get a lovely new black bra because you don’t have to feed me your milk anymore?”

So far, that’s my lot - but a word of warning to mothers of toddlers, two seems to be the age at which your children will say the most embarrassing things in public... Don’t say no-one told you!!

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Woman Breastfeeds in Public!

Breastfeeding in Public A close friend (who is a nurse) recalled how she and her boyfriend went to a local cafe for some refreshments. As her boyfriend scanned the cafe for some seats, she went to the counter to order and pay.

Upon her return, she noticed he was in a bit of a state about something. Rushing over, she asked if he felt okay. But he was so distressed at this stage that all he could gasp was "Sit down".

As she took a seat, his distress becoming ever more apparent, he wheezed, "Not here, not here."

By now my nurse friend was concerned by both his shortness of breath and flushed complexion. Tentatively she requested whether he had any pain in his left arm or across his chest, classic signs of a heart attack...

To which he responded, "Don't look, but there's a woman breastfeeding behind you!"

To which she responded, " So?"

To which he stuttered, "Well... I don't have a problem with it - but I was afraid she might think I was staring at her breasts..."

Need I say more!

Breastfed Boys - Hungry or just Greedy?

Jack, the Hungry Boy! Something I noticed yesterday.

Is it boys in general, breastfed boys or just my boy who is permanently snacking?

I mentioned to Stan that every time I sit down Jack comes over, takes me by the hand and leads me to either the fridge or one of the food cupboards! That's when he isn't crawling all over me insisting on another breastfeed ten minutes after his last!!

Or is it shock/ horror "breastfeeding" that causes his permanent state of grazing?

All my children have been breastfed, the girls for around 16 months each and Jack's still breastfeeding at 22 months. (And that's another thing - the girls were much more interested in weaning earlier... but that's for another day!)

I realise that breastfed babies do tend to feed more often that formula fed infants. And that's because breastmilk is very light and much more easily digested. For that reason breastfed babies tummys empty sooner than their counterparts and so they require more frequent feeds.

However, I'm asking myself, does this set a precedent for their future eating habits?

None of my children are greedy eaters. That is, they get hungry, eat a little, eat slowly and off they go! Then a little while later they repeat the sequence.

But, Jack is differs from his sisters in that he never seems to stay full for very long at all. He is constantly hunting and grazing! (You see, I do think it may just be a man thing!!)

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not worried by his eating habits, just somewhat bemused. He eats a well-rounded diet and absolutely loves grapes and clementines, any fruit really. And he enjoys yoghurts and cheese too.

In fact he enjoys anything at all edible... and not so edible - we found him drinking water out of a tiny teaset cup from the toilet bowl last week. :0

(Don't worry though; I'm a bit of a cleaning freak and the toilet had been bleached very recently. So I knew he wouldn't suffer from a tummy bug! But seriously though, I was more concerned about the effect the blue disinfectant water may have on him. I phoned the hospital and they reassured me there was nothing to fret over after checking the brand on their poisons database!)

So the point of this longer-than-intended post is that I'd love to hear from other mums whether you have noticed a marked difference appetite-wise between your daughters and sons, or even between your breastfed and formula-fed babies...

Leave a comment below and set my mind at rest!

Breastmilk - What's Yours Called?

Over the last few days Jack has been pointing frantically at my chest with his index finger whilst gasping "tea, tea"!

So it seems he has moved on; breastfeeds are no longer Mama Dooce!

Considering we Irish have quite a reputation as serial tea drinkers, it should be no surprise he's acquired a taste for a good old cuppa - but I can't help but wonder if Jack's new word for breastmilk reflects my own tea drinking habit! (After all it's a well know fact that a breastfeeding mum's diet affects the flavour of her milk!)

So what's yours called?

My Husband's Rantings!

I've finally driven him to distraction with all the blogging I've been doing lately. So hubby has thrown in the towel and declared if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! He has started his own blog, ROTD: Rant of the Day and already he's showing signs of blogger's eye (symptoms: red rimmed, tired and puffy!)

He has just put up his first three posts and I'd love to send a few visitors his way - so go and check it out and see what I've got to put up with...

(And they say women grumble?)

Beware the Bookstore Buddhist!

I overheard the strangest conversation in my local bookstore yesterday. After suffering yet another sleepless night with Jack, the never-satisfied breastfed boy, I had decided to take Stan and the children out for lunch and then for a browse around the bookshop. And guess who slept soundly throughout!!

Anyway, as I flicked through some photography books I heard a man nearby announce in a loud voice for all to hear, "Oh, I'm a Buddhist." A lady's voice then replied excitedly, "Are you really? Oh how interesting!" and the two of them got into animated conversation.

Now, I didn't pass much heed until I was standing waiting to pay for my books at the counter. But, as seconds turned to minutes and no-one made any appearance to serve me, I looked around and quickly realised that the man in conversation was supposed to be behind the counter.

Naturally handsome and dressed in expensive but casual clothes, at that point he was busy inviting the girl to allow him to look deeply into her eyes for some reason -and for some reason she obliged! Then he asked her if she was aware of the meaning of the word tantric!

By now I was having trouble controlling the urge to suggest he look into my eyes and say the words ,"That'll be £27.99, please." as the children were beginning to wander off and I felt uncomfortable calling them back in such a quiet shop! (It would be like shouting in a library!)

Eventually, I heard him say he would have to serve the customer (me) - and promptly proceeded to shout to another shop assistant (who just happened to appear) to take my payment as he stated to his new friend that he was due a lunch break and would like to continue discussing the meaning of Buddhism over coffee!

He then took off out the door like his heels were on fire, leaving the other assistant looking slightly cross - as if it wasn't the first time he had done a runner with a potential cutomer!

Now I confess I know very little about Buddhism. However, although obviously not all Buddhists are monks, my impression of Buddhists has always been one of monks praying, dressed in flowing robes and with their heads shaved. I was always under the impression it was a very pure, simple and peaceful religion with personal spiritual development at its core.

But none of this applied to the Buddhist in the bookstore! From what I witnessed he was well practised in using his beliefs to get the girl and I really don't think personal spiritual development was the reason why he ran off to have coffee with her at 2pm in the afternoon. After all, don't Buddhists refrain from meals after noon? And don't they also refrain from drugs - but maybe decaff was what my Buddhist was after!

However, having heard quite a few chat up lines in my time, I feel this "Buddhist" certainly had his off to a fine art!

I wonder did it work out for him - and I wonder who his next victim will be! Beware the Bookstore Buddhist is my advice...

At Long Last - An Underwired Breastfeeding Bra!


Anita Maternity Microfibre Underwired Nursing Bra 
Yay! It looks like one of my prayers has been answered. During a recent breastfeeding carnival I mentioned that I would love a nursing bra that was underwired. Well... today I discovered here that Condessa is just about to launch their new collection of nursing bras that offer underwired support.

And I've also discovered that it's not just Condessa who now offer underwired nursing bras. I have found a wonderful collection of them at Figleaves! Which makes me wonder when this all happened; I searched high and low during both my first and second breastfeeding experiences and no-one could tell me where to get such a thing. So I didn't really bother much this time around as I just believed I would end up disappointed. Typical really - as soon as I stopped looking they started to become available!

Now all that remains is for me to join the queue and get the chance to try one out! Form an orderly line, ladies!