Miscarriage Poems: Born Sleeping by Emily Waters

This lovely miscarriage poem was written by Emily who told us "I wrote this poem for my baby sister, who was stillborn at 20 weeks on the 10th April 2012. I still can't believe how much it hurts to lose someone you never even got to know."

Born Sleeping
by Emily Waters

Daughter, sister, little pearl,
We waited for you, baby girl.
Unexpected, treasured still,
We loved you then and always will,

Ahead of time, too soon you came,
We didn’t take you home again.
Tiny hands and eyes closed tight,
Were taken from us, out of sight.

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Miscarriage Poems - You Are Mine!

This tender miscarriage poem was sent to us by a grandmother who wrote it in memory of her grandchild after her daughter suffered a miscarriage.

You Are Mine!

Your guardian angel
placed you in my womb.

A safe haven, right under my heart.
I held you with my body,

A hug that was 360 degrees
For 24 hours each day.

You and I were one for several weeks,
I dreamed of your face,

Held you in my arms,
Kissed your tiny hands,

I gave you a name,
You were mine!

You were called by name,
By the Lord above,

To the only place,
That is as beautiful and safe as inside me.

I let you go,
To the only one that would love you as much as I do.

So here I am and there you are,
You waiting for me –

Me waiting for you
Locked in a Love embrace

360 degrees
24 hours a day.

You are Mine!

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