5 Different Shots for Your Pregnancy Photos (Guest Post)

Whether this is your first born or your third, you want to capture that special time during your pregnancy. Instead of your typical mother and father shots, here are a few other ideas to consider before you get in front of that camera:

Silhouette: A pregnant woman’s silhouette can be one of the most beautiful images. It’s a soft image that evokes a lot of emotion. Wearing a solid, soft color and somewhat fitted outfit, stand in front of natural light, like the light coming from a bedroom window. Pull your hair back off of your face and neck for a more serene shot. Your photographer will know how to shoot this shot.

Cravings: A very cute and fun idea is to take a photograph with a white board or chalk board beside you. In fun handwriting and colors, write how far along you are and what your current food cravings are. This will be a great shot for when the years pass; you can look back and remember the little things like your love for pickles and ice cream.

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Guest Post: Making Memories: 5 Reasons to Photograph Your Kids

Parents all know that a majority of young children think taking pictures are lame. They think it's a waste of time to pose, whether alone or with other people, simply to see what they would look like. But what they don't understand is that they won't stay little forever, and sometimes, pictures help us remember the awesome days of when they were little. Here are several main reasons why you should take pictures of the kids:

  1. Children Do Grow Up - Kids grow up too fast. One minute they're crawling, and then the next, they're running off to get married. Okay, so that was a bit extreme, but you know what I'm talking about. I'm a mother of two and already my kids are school. I don't get to see them all day like I used to. So taking pictures will help me remember my babies, when I age and can't remember a single thing.

  1. Appreciate Their Baby Years - We adults forget as we get older. What's most important is that we will want to remember things as they are. If I could go back in time to the days when my kids were wearing diapers, it would put me in a really happy place. I had so much fun then. I took pictures of them and I always go back to them seeing how wonderful we all were, and still are. Up until a few years ago, film cameras were how pictures were developed. In the age of technology, digital cameras make it so easy to take a lot of pictures and view them on my computer.

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Mother and daughter YuuWaa, the online data storage expert, today announced that the common loss of digital family photos is causing sorrow amongst British mums.

The survey of 1,200 mothers throughout Europe, found that 59 per cent felt sad over the loss of irretrievable digital memories which may cause their children to grow up with fewer photographs of their childhood.

Compared to a decade ago, the amount of digital data a family accumulates through the use of modern devices has all but eclipsed paper and video cassette recorders (VCR), rendering the family album ‘retro’.


Canon EF Lens Range: Change your Lens, Change your Story

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm rarely to be seen without my Canon 5D camera. Anyone who has listened to me knows that I love experimenting with the two lenses that I currently own, a 50mm f1.2L and 17-40mm f/4L!
These two lenses give me a good variety of beautiful shots, from portrait style head and shoulders to huge landscape vistas.
However, despite this, I still hanker after more lenses, particularly a macro so I can shoot really close up photos and a big zoom so I can shoot things like butterflies and birds at a distance!

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Home Alone and the Future Beckons!

After the long school summer holidays (8 weeks here in Northern Ireland) I'm trying to adjust to the fact that all three of my children are now back at school and for the youngest, from next week he'll be staying later. Although they haven't quite flown the nest yet, I'm beginning to see what it must be like when they're all grown up and choose to leave home. Whilst that won't happen for sometime yet, one of the benefits of the children being away during the day is that I have so much more time now to get on with working from home. I'm even getting time to think about my future and have managed to sign up for a 1 year evening class to feed my photography habit!

As a direct result of all this time to myself, when the children come in from school I don't feel quite so frustrated anymore. Because I work from home, over the past few years there has always been some degree of background noise as I tried desperately to write every day - more often than not it was the sound of kiddie tv! I was mostly able to tune out to a certain degree, but there was always the slight guilt that every time I sat down at the computer, it was time I wasn't really spending with them! What is it about us mums that we never properly feel we're getting the balance right?

I gave up a teaching career for my children so I could be at home with them - and then I still felt guilty because instead of working away from them I was working in the same room as them! Crazy, but true...

I've often contemplated (particularly during the holidays) what it would be like to be working alone from home, without any disruptions, but now it's here I sort of miss the morning noise and bustle. Of course, at weekendsI do get a reminder of what it's like again and realise that I don't really miss the noise that much and by Sunday night I'm desperately counting the hours until Monday morning again!

Anyway, life is changing now and I'm feeling like I can start taking this working from home thing to new levels. I don't quite know what yet, but I do know I've certainly got time now to consider all my options - something that has been lacking in my life for so very long! ;)

Polaroid Cameras are Back in Fashion

Apparently Polaroid cameras are making something of a comeback, with a little help from Lady Gaga who is the new face of the brand. When I read the story it really brought the memories flooding back. 

As a young teenager, I recall very vividly standing in front of a display cabinet in my local chemist shop, gazing longingly at the big black Polaroid camera which stood pride of place. To me, already a keen amateur photographer, it was the ultimate camera. Just think about it, a camera that allowed you to take a picture and print it out seconds later! There were no digital cameras in those days, so the fact that a photo could be printed instantly added real magic to the product.

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My Canon 5D, My Memory Catcher

Asleep on a Tricycle I first began taking photos as a child. I was around 10 years old when I shot my very first photo on a day out with my family. I recall the moment clearly. 

My dad was busying around taking pictures of us children and mum, when mum suggested it would be nice if there was a photo of her and dad together. She told dad he should show me what to do and I remember feeling this little glimmer of excitement, not least because it was dad's special camera, a big SLR that looked very fancy and very expensive. 

He handed it to me carefully, and understandably perhaps a little apprehensively, he showed me what to do, told me not to drop it, and then sat on the picnic bench beside mum.

In those days of course there was a roll of film in the camera, so I was only allowed one chance! I lifetd the camera to my eye, saw my parents, pushed the button, feeling really grown up, and then handed the camera back to dad and went off to play. That's the only thing I actually remember about that whole day; the day I shot my first ever image...

A few weeks later the photos arrived in the post and the only one I remember was mine, a lovely, nicely composed photo of mum and dad sitting together on a sunny day - and it's still around in a photo album somewhere at their house. Memories...

From then onwards as I grew up, I always carried a little camera around with me. It started off as an old small camera of dad's, then small disposables, then a slightly more lasting cartridge type camera, then a disc camera, then something that took panoramic shots as well as other various sizes, then a 35mm roll film camera and finally, my first DSLR. My teenage years, my twenties and now my thirties are all documented in pictures. From sensible bobs, to frizzy perms, from long and wavy, to mid-length and straight, my hairstyles and those of my family and friends through the ages are lasting proof that some fashions are best left as memories!

Canon 5d  But it wasn't until my husband, who has hounded me for years to go professional, surprised me a few Christmases ago with my present Canon EOS 5D Digital SLR Camera, that I really began to understand the true value of investing in a really good camera. Twirly Whirly  

These days, instead of just pressing a little button, hearing a click and experiencing a blinding flash and the dreaded red-eye photos of yester-year, my photos are always replications of real life as I see it.

When I look through the 5D's eye-piece, I see before me something that will look exactly the same when I view it later on my laptop or when I print it off for framing. 

With its 12.8mp full frame CMOS sensor, I am guaranteed to get what I see with all the lovely colours, highlights and shadows in the right place. I rarely need to adjust anything about my photos, aside from the odd cropping if I'm wanting to change the look of something, or to remove somebody or something that was unavoidably caught in the shooting.

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