Return of the Honey Monster! Tell 'Em About the Honey Mummy!

Yay, one of my all time childhood favourite tv characters has returned to the small screen (see above) - the Honey Monster! Remember him? He looked like a big cuddly Sugar Puff and his childish behaviour endeared him to many children, including my husband and I. Even today, I still remember chanting his wonderful catch-phrase, "Tell 'em about the honey, mummy!"

Well, now it's time for my children to fall in love with him two - although perhaps not so much a first crush, as  a first crunch!

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Two Pregnant Women Wanted for Motherhood Documentary

Channel 4's Cutting Edge team are on the search for two pregnant women to take part in an up and coming documentary exploring motherhood and how pregnancy unites women of different ages. I mentioned the programme a short time ago and now have a little more information about what will be required. 

Basically the documentary is looking to follow two pregnant women, one a teenage mum-to-be, the other a woman aged 37+, throughout the latter stages of pregnancy and will be looking at how they deal with life after having a new baby. 

The programme will follow the two mothers-to-be as they meet and deal with the challenges and triumphs they experience throughout pregnancy and as they become mothers. The team behind the production, betty*, anticipate they will end up with an "empowering and insightful programme".

Right now they would love to speak to pregnant women who are at least 30 weeks into their pregnancies and who are at either end of the age spectrum (teens to 35+).

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Are You Having a Baby? Channel 4's Cutting Edge Seeks Mums-to-Be for Documentary

Channel 4’s Cutting Edge documentary series is looking for pregnant women.

The programme aims to follow two women of different ages through the life-changing experience of having a baby.  

We are particularly keen to speak to those who are pregnant and due in April/May. 

If you are in your teens or 35 years and over we would love to hear from you. 

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please get in touch. 

All calls and emails will be confidential and in no way obligate you to any further involvement in the programme

To find out more please call Elaine on 0207 290 0535, or email 

Award winning TV production company betty is making the documentary for Channel 4.

Coronation Street - Becky McDonald's Pregnancy

Becky mcdonald  I'm a huge Corrie fan and am really looking forward to a lot of laughs over Becky McDonald's pregnancy. Becky, one of my favourite female characters, is conveniently married to one of the top male characters, Steve McDonald. Together the two make a fantastic comedy duo.

At the moment Becky is around 10 weeks pregnant and although she isn't actually suffering from any morning sickness or other pregnancy related problems, she has decided it's good for the husband to feel involved so she has been taking full advantage of Steve!

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Breastfeeding Mum on Coronation Street

Violet, breastfeeding-mum-to-be Yay for Coronation Street! I'm a huge fan of this wonderful British soap and although I'm often too busy with my children to watch it at its scheduled times, I do record every single episode to watch when they've all gone to bed.

So, whilst catching up on a few recent episodes I was thrilled to hear Violet, the very pretty and pregnant Coronation Street barmaid, reveal to her ex, Jamie, that she'll be breastfeeding her baby after the birth. Not only that but she also jokingly lamented the fact that since she's pregnant she's unable to drink alcohol during her pregnancy... and that was whilst drinking a mineral water!

Let's hope now that we see some positive images of Violet actually breastfeeding after her baby is born.

If only more popular television shows tried to get such important health messages across I have no doubt many young parents-to-be would sit up, take notice and as a result would give their babies a much healthier start to life by reducing the risks associated with alcohol consumption during pregnancy and advocating the benefits of breastfeeding afterwards.

Now, anyone got any ideas on how I could get the programme makers to drop in the name of my oh-so-wonderful pregnancy and breastfeeding website, ;)

All Is Not LOST!

Claire_and_her_baby Every once in a while you meet someone who makes you realise that it's not entirely impossible to make mums change their minds about breastfeeding. Today I met a young mum who has just recently given birth to her third baby, the first she has breastfed. She couldn't tell me why she had chosen to breastfeed this particular baby, but just that from the moment she discovered she was pregnant she knew she had to try. She has now been breastfeeding for five weeks and is thoroughly enjoying it - and so too is her baby who looks absolutely wonderful and has the most beautiful clear complexion!

So somewhere along the line something is happening to make women feel they can take up breastfeeding, even if they didn't do so the first time around! I think this is great news especially for people like me and countless other breastfeeding advocates who are working at getting the breast is best message across.

Now apart from that I got a reply to yesterday's post which made me sit down and do some serious breastfeeding research! Tania from Motherwear Blog contacted me to point out that she thought Claire from Lost was referred to as a breastfeeding mother in one episode.

I had believed she was formula feeding.

So I took the chance to try to find out what was the truth of the matter. And guess what? No-one has ever seen her feeding her baby. Many believed she was breastfeeding until she took off on a trip with another character in one episode, leaving Sun to look after Aaron. People wanted to know why she didn't get engorged and what the baby would have been feeding on during the time she was away. Someone even suggested coconut milk! And so the mystery deepens...

If you can enlighten any of us Lost fans, please tell us now. We need to know. Is Claire a formula-feeder or a breastfeeder??

Lost: Series 3

Lost Oh I just can't wait until 10pm! The new series of Lost is starting and I am dying to see what will happen next.

I have been following it with my husband and we have only missed one episode since the beginning. (And that is something that really bugs us as we know we have missed something that is surely REALLY crucial to the plot development!)

We're both totally addicted to it - so much so that we had cancelled our subscription with Sky+ only to resubscribe a month later when we heard the new series was about to start! So at least now we can series link it and be sure to never miss another episode! Oh how sad we really are!!!

Amongst the many puzzling things that have happened on Lost, one thing has puzzled me more than the rest - is the baby bottlefed? If so, isn't that a bit strange - where does the formula come from? Or is that just another mystery pointing us somewhere else?

But there's an idea. If all pregnant women were marooned on a desert island, wouldn't they have to give breastfeeding a serious try? Just think how healthy all their babies would be! Although come to think of it they would need a lifetime supply of sunscreen and wouldn't that get into the breastmilk? Hmm, I'll have to rethink that idea!