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Christmas Gifts for Breastfeeding Mums!

Santaimages Welcome to the second Breastfeeding Blog Carnival!

This month my fellow bloggers and I are posting about gifts for the breastfeeding mother. We all have taken a slightly different angle on this posting so make sure you check out all of our blogs!

This month Jennifer from the The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog posts "A Breastfeeding Mom's Holiday Wish List" about her own favourite products and suggests some items that could be placed in a gift basket for a breastfeeding mum.

Andi of Mama Knows Breast sings the praises of her digital video recorder in her post entitled, "I Want My DVR", something I can well relate to!

Tanya from Motherwear Blog posts From Need to Nice:  Best Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mother, which suggests gifts that nursing mums do need, might need or gifts they would just really like to have!

Angela from Breastfeeding 123 writes about Cost-Effective Gifts for the Breastfeeding Mother.

Finally, we have a couple of new bloggers this month.

From I Don't Know, we have Gift ideas for the one you know who talks non-stop about her boobs.

And Momma's Angel gives us, What a Nursing Mom Wants.

So now, to get you started, here's my offering!

Christmas Gifts for Breastfeeding Mums and a Lament to My Breastfeeding Boy!

Christmas is just around the corner and as I sit here nursing my beautiful baby, the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the corner, my thoughts turn to gifts I would love to receive as a breastfeeding mum.

Near the top of my list would be a feminine, underwired nursing bra, not the standard big white shapeless bras that are available in all nursing mums lingerie sections! I want something feminine and supportive, but which won't leave me suffering from blocked ducts and mastitis - and therein lies the rub. Underwired bras are a no-no when breastfeeding. Why? They disrupt the milk flow and can cause blocked ducts and mastitis! So, since underwired is clearly out of bounds, I'll happily settle for one of these beauties instead!

A Silent Electric Pump would be a godsend.

Yes, I could try a manual pump, like the Avent Isis manual breast pump with nipple cream which is fairly quiet (but in my personal experience I can't express much milk with a manual pump!). Perhaps that's just me though; my technique is all wrong!

But I can highly recommend one electric pump, the Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump, which I have used throughout all three of my breastfeeding experiences. It is available through Mothercare and is absolutely fabulous although a bit noisy, as it seems are all electric pumps! But it is fairly small and very portable and even operates on batteries so you don't have to worry about finding a power supply...

Lovely Scented Body Lotion which won't pollute my milk supply!

Studies have shown that traces of chemicals which make up part and parcel of our daily lives can get into breastmilk. From washing up liquid to fabric conditioner, perfumes to handcream! So I often avoid pampering myself unless I'm going out for a special occasion. Wouldn't it be great if someone invented your favourite scent in a non-polluting formula? Until then I'll happily settle for one of my favourites, Chanel Allure, available here and I'll use it sparingly!

A Full Day's Beauty Treatment where someone else minds the baby and brings him to me as and when he needs fed! And between breastfeeds all my cares and worries are massaged away and forgotten whilst some wonderfully soothing music like this plays in the background!

Some New Clothes that fit properly! I've lost so much weight (just one of many wonderful benefits of breastfeeding) that my favourite jeans now only stay up if I have the belt pulled tight! So it would be lovely to receive a perfectly tailored pair of designer jeans that make my bum look pert and my legs look long and lean! Even better if I didn't have to go near any changing rooms, lugging children and groceries with me to try them on...

A Chef to cook all my family's meals, a cleaner to keep house, a nanny to let us get a night out, a gardener to keep the garden in check, a lady to do the ironing and a carwasher on demand would all be most welcome too! (I don't wish for much, do I?)

However, the number one gift for this breastfeeding mum and no doubt for many other breastfeeding mums has to be, wait for it... SLEEP. And not just any old sleep! I want a peaceful sleep without any disruptions in my darkened bedroom, in my warm double kingsize bed where I am free "to sleep, perchance to dream" as the bard once said...

So in the hope that by some bizarre chance my breastfed baby may oblige, here is my version of a popular Christmas song to sing to my baby on Christmas Eve!

Lament to My Breastfeeding Boy!

All I want for Christmas is a full night's sleep,

In my great big bed,

No breastfed baby wanting fed.

Gee if only you would sleep a full eight hours,

Then we would have a Merry Christmas!


It's been a long time since I could say,

I slept all night,

And the baby slept through,

Gosh, oh gee, how rested I'd be,

If you would only sleep tight!


All I want for Christmas is a full night's sleep,

Wrapped up warm, curled up in a ball,

Gee if I could only have a full night's sleep,

Then we would have a Merry Christmas!

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