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One Exhausted Breastfeeding Mama!

Woman Breastfeeds in Public!

Breastfeeding in Public A close friend (who is a nurse) recalled how she and her boyfriend went to a local cafe for some refreshments. As her boyfriend scanned the cafe for some seats, she went to the counter to order and pay.

Upon her return, she noticed he was in a bit of a state about something. Rushing over, she asked if he felt okay. But he was so distressed at this stage that all he could gasp was "Sit down".

As she took a seat, his distress becoming ever more apparent, he wheezed, "Not here, not here."

By now my nurse friend was concerned by both his shortness of breath and flushed complexion. Tentatively she requested whether he had any pain in his left arm or across his chest, classic signs of a heart attack...

To which he responded, "Don't look, but there's a woman breastfeeding behind you!"

To which she responded, " So?"

To which he stuttered, "Well... I don't have a problem with it - but I was afraid she might think I was staring at her breasts..."

Need I say more!

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