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Irish Woman Despises Breastfeeding Mums

Precious_breastfeeding To all my faithful blog readers, I don't ever ask much of you but right now I need you to do something really special for me. Please show your support for breastfeeding mums in Ireland by visiting this post.

The writer of the post, Sean, is an American man living and working in Ireland. He writes a travel blog and often comments about Irish events in general.  Last October, as a great advocate and supporter of breastfeeding (his mother is a lactation consultant), he drew attention to the fact that it was Irish Breastfeeding Week in Ireland whilst also pointing out that breastfeeding in Ireland is generally not the done thing.

Well, just yesterday he received one of the most disgraceful and bigoted responses to his post from a fervent anti-breastfeeding fellow Irish woman (I'm ashamed to say).

Read what she had to say about breastfeeding and prepare to be disgusted. Let's educate this ignorant so-called child-lover by showing your support for breastfeeding mums the world over, but Ireland in particular, where sadly she is not alone in her shocking backward way of thinking!

You won't change her mind of course - people like her will never budge, but you can help other women who read the post to see that there are a whole lot more women (many Irish women included) supporting breastfeeding mums than chastising them.

Feel free to cut and paste this post into your own blogs or to email it onto as many people as you can.

Thank you all so much!

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