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Madonna Loses Adoption Battle

Madonna and david Well, however you feel about the latest events in Madonna's life, it seems even all her riches and fame don't always get her what she wants. To be honest, hearing the news that Madonna's planned adoption of four year old Mercy has been denied,  I feel sort of saddened that the child will not be escaping her current life of utter poverty.

To me, Madonna seems to be doing a great job with David, her first adopted child. He looks extremely healthy, well fed and happy. As for Mercy, when I heard the news it felt a bit like someone told the child she'd won the lottery and would live the most wonderful and extravagant life only to be then told it was all a cruel joke. I can't help but feel sorry for everyone involved.

Knowing Madonna, she'll keep fighting to adopt the child and she's probably feeling devastated right now. The battle will continue. I hope things work out for everyone, whatever that may be. In all likelihood, Mercy will live a life of extreme poverty and ill-health, perhaps dying young if she doesn't escape now. She has no parents and her uncles and grandmother, although they claim to be against the adoption, have allowed this little child to spend her life in an orphanage. If the adoption doesn't ever go ahead, she'll probably spend many more years being denied the chance of a family life with people who will love, care for her and educate her.

It's a sad story but it's life...

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