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Mums call for help with breastfeeding problems

 UK women want individual, trustworthy advice, says survey 

Four in 10 parents (38 per cent) are calling for more support to deal with breastfeeding problems. That’s according to a new survey* from Greatvine.com, a new website offering parents individual support, by phone, direct from the country’s best parenting experts and top midwives.

The finding is being released to coincide with National Breastfeeding Awareness Week (May 10-16, 2009), which promotes the health benefits of breastfeeding for babies and mothers and aims to increase social acceptance of it.
Greatvine.com breastfeeding expert Sharon Trotter commented: “Most of us agree that breastfeeding is best for mum and baby but this is not enough to guarantee success. Learning to breastfeed is no different to learning any new skill: it takes time. Lack of support, conflicting advice, poor information and negative attitudes are all too common. To succeed, you will need constant support, plenty of encouragement and lots of practical tips. There are simple and effective solutions to any problem you may have when learning to breastfeed.” 
There are just 25,700** midwives in the UK to support the births and post-natal care of more than 700,000 babies each year, and the average time available in an NHS GP appointment is less than 10 minutes. Greatvine.com has been launched in response to parents’ need for more tailored, expert advice than is currently available. 

Other areas of concern among parents, indicated by the Greatvine.com poll, included post-natal depression (45 per cent), child sleep (36 per cent), behaviour and discipline (34 per cent), and child nutrition (30 per cent).

Those questioned also pinpointed the need for more reliable and targeted help for pre- and post-natal fitness (27 per cent), ailments during pregnancy (26 per cent), alternative birthing (19 per cent) and bullying (14 per cent). 

David Kelnar, founder and CEO of Greatvine.com, said: “Being a new parent is an exciting and enriching time. But it can present challenges – some of them quite daunting. These findings show a clear need for readily available, individual support for parents to address concerns which arise from pregnancy and childbirth.” 

“Health service professionals are working incredibly hard to cope with national demand but that demand is overwhelming. Mums are longing for further access to individual, expert advice. Telephone support direct from carefully-selected experts is an ideal solution.”

Faye Mingo, Parenting Spokesperson for Bounty Parenting Club, which conducted the poll, said: “Many parents feel unsupported and don’t have their family and friends living nearby, as was often the case years ago. Access to professional advice and support is invaluable. Trusted telephone advice lines and informative websites can help.”

* Survey conducted by bounty.com with 743 correspondents
** NHS Information Service

About Greatvine.com
Greatvine.com offers live, individual advice and support direct from the country’s best experts – from your own phone. Offering confidential support from more than 250 carefully-selected specialists – spanning parenting, health & wellbeing, writing and education – Greatvine.com improves people’s lives through information. For more information visit www.greatvine.com.
About Bounty
www.bounty.com is the UK’s favourite parenting website and the largest online meeting point for mums in the UK with over 19 million pages being served each month, 700,000 opted-in members and a further 15,000 new members joining each month
About Sharon Trotter
Sharon works independently and in the NHS to advise and promote best practice in breastfeeding and baby skincare. Founder of www.tipslimited.com  and author of best selling book,Breastfeeding the essential guide, Sharon is also a Greatvine.com consultant. To find out more, download breastfeeding tips or to arrange a call, go to www.greatvine.com/sharon_trotter.

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