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December Carnival of Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding and the Holidays - How to Take Care of Yourself

Breastfeeding at Christmas Welcome to the December Carnival of Breastfeeding. This month's theme is all about looking after yourself during the holiday season. As usual, posts from fellow bloggers will be added to the end of my post throughout the day as and when they arrive! 

Looking After Yourself During the Holidays: 7 Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

Looking after yourself as a breastfeeding mother during the holiday season is no mean feat. What with all the house decorations, food preparations and gift-buying, it can be hard to find the time to sneeze, never mind anything else.

However, as a breastfeeding mother it is imperative you make time for yourself. Your body needs plenty of rest in order to produce an ample supply of breastmilk and I know from personal experience that if I missed too much sleep or took too much out of myself, my body struggled to catch up which meant more frequent and less satisfying breastfeeds for my baby and a more stressful day for me!

Here are a few simple tips you should try to to incorporate into your holidays:

  • Write lists! Don't head to the shops without a clue as to what you are intending to buy. Draw up some plans and stick to them; you'll get your shopping completed much more quickly and with much less stress than otherwise would be the case.
  • Wear comfortable clothes when you have to leave the house. If you need to bring baby with you it makes life much more pleasant if you can feed your baby with the minimum of fuss. It can also be worthwhile to seek out breastfeeding friendly places in which to feed your baby.
  • Aim to get to bed at a reasonable time every evening. This is particularly important if your baby feeds frequently during the night as stress and lack of sleep can weaken your immune system leadin g to more frequent minor illnesses. The last thing you need is to be down with a cold over the holidays!
  • If you are having family visiting over the holidays ask them to bring food or party supplies with them - it will reduce the work you have to do allowing you to be stress-free when your guests arrive!
  • Make a little bit of me time every day - ask your partner to take over the baby duties and treat yourself to something you enjoy and which relaxes you such as a hot bath, manicure, exercise, phoning friends, catching up on some reading etc.
  • Express some milk and store it carefully to keep on standby so that you can take a break from breastfeeding if you're in need of a rest or just planning to get out for a while at short notice.
  • If the stress of the holiday season is beginning to get to you, download our specially tailored mp3 "B'Mums Perfect Relaxation for Parents"; very soon you'll be feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world once again.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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