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Mums rap GMTV 'breastfeed bias'

Angry mums are boycotting GMTV after accusing the show of a "blatant and disgusting" anti-breastfeeding agenda.

Bosses have received hundreds of complaints from viewers who were asked to take part in an "insulting" and "staggeringly biased" survey.

Yesterday parenting groups and charities claimed it was a slap in the face for mums who choose to breastfeed and accused the show of chasing cheap headlines.

The GMTV online poll asked: "Do you think breasts should not be displayed in public for any reason? "Do you think women should use discretion when breastfeeding?" And "Do you think it's a woman's right to breastfeed in public?" It also asked if it was "wrong" to breastfeed a child over 12 months.

Some viewers pointed to a possible conflict of interest over GMTV's tie-up with Nestlé Cereals, who sponsor the weather slots and also sell baby formula worldwide.

Members of parenting forum Mumsnet have posted hundreds of angry messages.

Comments included: "The questions are really loaded and negative.

"It's telling us we should feel awkward about breastfeeding in public.

"It makes it seem as though feeding your child is in some way similar to flashing."

Mumsnet spokeswoman Justine Roberts said: "The survey displayed an underlying negative stance. It has caused a lot of annoyance."

Rosie Dodds, of the National Childcare Trust, said: "The questions seem designed to provide negative and sensationalist results."

GMTV yesterday defended the survey, saying: "Breastfeeding is a perennial subject. It always provokes discussion and debate. We always try to present a balanced view."

A source added: "Nestlé have no editorial input."


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