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Extended Breastfeeding - Right or Wrong?

I've just been reading an intriguing article (see below) about extended breastfeeding in today's Daily Mail.

Considering I breastfed all three of my children beyond a year, and one of them for almost two and a half years, it was fascinating to read about the opinions and obstacles breastfeeding mothers face from others regarding the issue.

I must admit the survey results surprised me. When I voted, only 22% of voters believed it was okay to continue breastfeeding a child over the age of two.This made me a little sad as I reflected on what a beautiful experience extended breastfeeding is.

Please read the article and then pop back to let me know your thoughts on the matter :)

Here's a clipping of the article:

Rebecca Hunter's son was three years old when she stopped breastfeeding him in public - she carried on in private until he was six. It wasn't the comments from strangers that drove her indoors, it was the cutting remarks she faced from her own friends. 'I hope you're not going to be one of those women who breastfeeds until her child is old enough to know what boobs are for,' said one. And from another: 'I've heard that women who long-term breastfeed do it only because they get a sexual thrill out of it'


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