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Stagecoach Investigation proves Breastfeeding Complaint against Bus Driver is Untrue

A few weeks ago I re-posted a story which had appeared in many media outlets throughout the world reporting how a young mother claimed she'd been verbally abused and thrown off a Stagecoach bus for breastfeeding her 6 week old baby. Well, it turns out she lied.

Naturally, I've removed my post, but it infuriates me that any woman would actually make up such a story. Obviously all she has done is damage, perhaps irreparably, the reputation of the coach company not to mention her own reputation too. She has also no doubt caused a huge amount of anxiety and stress for the driver of the coach as he waited to see the outcome. Indeed, she has also exploited just how easy it is nowadays to spread damaging stories worldwide.

Anyway, following an official investigation by Stagecoach into the story, I've just received the following statement which I'm very happy to share:

A Stagecoach spokesman said: "We expect a very high standard of customer service from our drivers. When this accusation was made, we immediately took steps to determine the circumstances involved and were fully prepared to take the necessary action had one of our drivers been at fault. 

"Rest assured, had any of our drivers spoken to a customer in the manner alleged in this case, they would have faced serious disciplinary consequences. However, the on-board CCTV footage does not support the events described by the customer in this case and, along with the use of voice-enabled technology, this has demonstrated that the driver was in no way at fault. 

"Fortunately, we have been able to prevent a situation where a member of staff could have faced serious consequences over allegations which have turned out not to be true. For the record, we fully support breastfeeding mothers and we are perfectly happy for them to do so on our buses."

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