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When you think of pregnancy, you probably think of a vibrant young woman glowing with the anticipation of her first child. You probably imagine happy couples planning every last detail of their to-be infant’s new room, friends gathering for baby showers, and grandparents basking in their new-found titles in life. What you probably don’t think of are those couples who didn’t plan on having a child. You probably don’t think of those women that suddenly found themselves unprepared for their new role in life, unsure of what to do and how to act. Whether the unplanned pregnancy is a happy surprise or not, you still have to figure out what to do next. Here are five tips for dealing with unplanned pregnancies:

1. Get Educated

Since you weren’t planning on getting pregnant, it’s likely that you haven’t spent any time learning about pregnancy and what to expect. Now is the time to break out the baby books and soak in as much information as possible.

2. Start Saving

Having a child is an expensive adventure, so you will want to start saving some money to lessen the blow of all of the unforeseen costs you’ll soon be encountering. Any money you can put away in anticipation of the birth is better than no money!

3. Get Support

You will probably go through a whole range of emotions when you find out you’re pregnant – especially if you weren’t planning on that happening ahead of time. It’s ok and normal to experience feelings other than pure elation. Talk to someone about how you’re feeling – whether it’s a friend, a family member, or someone professional who can counsel you – being able to get your emotions out on the table will help you deal with the situation more effectively.

4. Focus on the Positive, Not the Negative

While it’s ok to allow yourself a wide array of emotions, falling into a “Negative Nancy” demeanor won’t be healthy for you or your unborn child. Find the silver lining in the situation – your feelings are solely up to you and you have the power to change your attitude.

5. Figure Out What You Need

Now that you know you’re pregnant you need to find a doctor that’s going to best suit you and your unborn child. You need to find one that understands your own personal and emotional needs. It’s important to be at your healthiest so that your child can be at their healthiest. Now’s a great time to ditch any bad habits you may have had and turn over a new leaf and take care of yourself and your child.

Sometimes it can be easy to let the fear of an unplanned pregnancy take over. Instead try to use this as a time to evaluate your life and spin any negatives into a positive. This is a new beginning for you, your partner, and your child.

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