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Breastfeeding in public can be intimidating, but fortunately there are many products on the market that make it much easier for mothers. For those times when it's just not possible to breastfeed behind closed doors, a few items can make discreet nursing much more convenient and comfortable.

Nursing Covers

There are a wide variety of nursing cover styles and patterns available for breastfeeding moms. Some nursing covers have an adjustable neckline with boning, which allows you to see your baby and also provides ventilation. If you don't want to fiddle around with a strap, you can also use a large lightweight blanket or fashionable scarf to provide privacy. Choose a nursing cover that will last if you plan to nurse your baby for the long term. If you're going for full coverage, the wrap should cover your entire chest and extend far enough on the sides to provide plenty of cover.

Nursing Sash

Nursing sashes are ideal for moms who are less nervous about letting people know they are nursing in public. When you use a nursing sash, your breast is completely exposed but your baby isn't under a cover. Nursing sashes have two layers of fabric that separate to allow access to the breast. To use a nursing sash, you will need to be wearing a shirt that allows you to easily nurse by pulling down your shirt from the top, rather than lifting it up from the bottom. For example, if you're wearing a turtleneck sweater a nursing sash is out of the question. Most nursing sashes also have a detachable burp cloth that you can use when your baby finishes nursing.

Nursing Clothes

Some companies sell specially made nursing shirts that make public nursing a breeze. Some nursing tops have a flexible top that can be easily pulled down to provide access to the breast. Others have slits in the center that are hidden beneath ruffles or other a layer of fabric. Nursing dresses are also convenient for special occasions. Like maternity clothes, nursing clothing does tend to be expensive, although with a bit of luck you can find deals at second hand stores and in online shops.

Nursing Bras and Camisoles

A good nursing bra may not help with modesty, but it does make nursing in public much easier by providing easy access for your baby to nurse. Nusing bras allow you to simply unhook the bra cup so you can easily nurse your baby from the top or bottom. Nursing camisoles work the same way, but they provide coverage for your stomach area when you lift your shirt. Some nursing camisoles have built in bras as well. Specially made products can make breastfeeding in public more comfortable, which is a plus for both mom and baby. As nursing becomes more and more common, many restaurants, malls and other establishments have also started providing designated rooms for nursing mothers, which are more private and also less distracting for mom and baby.

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