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JooMo Face WashWhen I received a new natural face wash aimed at people with sensitive skin and also for sufferers of acne, I was initially a little dubious about how well it might work. The reason for this was because as a former acne sufferer, I thought I'd tried everything to no avail and the only thing that ever did help was a very strong prescription-only product prescribed by my GP. I certainly didn't expect that an over-the-counter face wash, natural or otherwise, would make much difference to anyone with real acne!

However, as the mother of a 12 year old girl who is only recently starting to experience unwelcome skin changes, I thought to myself there'd be no harm giving JooMo a try as I wasn't too keen on her taking the same route I'd travelled.

Having read the information that was sent along with my sample, I was impressed that this product markets itself as the very first 100% natural face wash. Unlike many products currently on the market which claim to be pure but which actually have all manner of nasties hidden within the ingredients, JooMo actually is completely natural! 

Joomo contains no preservatives or harsh chemicals whatsoever and I gave it to Tara to test run for me.

To my delight, after using it for just three or four days, I began to notice a slight difference in her skin. Although it wasn't red raw or very spotty to begin with, she did have a few blackheads and some blocked pores which made her skin look irritated. I was truly surprised to see a positive effect so quickly, particularly since she'd previously tried several other well-known brands of facewash which hadn't had much effect at all.

What follows is Tara's own opinion on Joomo:

I'd been using a different facewash before, but it was full of harsh chemicals and left my skin feeling tight after rinsing it off. However, JooMo Honey and Orange facewash is 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients at all. However, because there are no preservatives, you need to use it within a few weeks of opening it!

It feels nice and cool on your skin, with a soothing effect, especially if your skin is sore. It isn't sticky at all, and is very easy to rinse off.

It smells of Honey and Orange, which is unusual but nice. It leaves a very faint trance of this on your skin.

I noticed my skin clearing up after a few days of using the facewash twice daily. Now, after a couple of weeks, friends from school ask me what I use on my skin!

I really enjoy using JooMo Facewash, and I really can't wait to see if my skin gets even better!

So, as you can see Tara is one very happy customer and I'm happy that her skin seems to be responding favourably to such a lovely natural product. In fact, she likes it so much she has asked me to buy her more!

If you're interested in buying JooMo for yourself or for someone in your own family who has sensitive or acne prone skin then JooMo can be ordered here: It's priced at £4.75 per 100ml per order online.

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