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The Snugg iPad 4 Case has arrived and I've been fortunate enough to test it out.

Now before I go on, I must admit, I've been having a bit of trouble choosing a cover for my iPad 3, the reason being there are so many on the market to choose from. Being very indecisive by nature I simply haven't been able to make up my mind which to go for.

One thing I was sure of though was that I certainly didn't want to purchase an Apple iPad Smart Cover.

Why ever not, you may ask?

Well, having bought the Apple Smart Cover for my husband's iPad 2 I was reluctant to fork out again for a product which we felt was overpriced for what it offers and not very successful at the half job it does - it is forever falling off and doesn't afford any protection whatsoever to the back of the iPad. Therefore, for me there was no indecision here - if I did ever get around to choosing a case for mine, it would be one of those that offer full front and back protection without losing any functionality.

It was a somewhat happy coincidence that I was then offered the chance to review the Snugg product and, in all honesty, I'm finding that it fulfills all of my requirements perfectly. In fact, it does even more than anticipated since it even has a little hand strap which I wasn't expecting but which has come in very useful - I can now move around from room to room whilst using FaceTime or watching YouTube videos without having to worry about dropping my wonderful little device!


Snugg iPad 4 Case
The Snugg iPad 4 case fits my iPad 3 neatly. Upon arriving, it was extremely hassle free to secure my iPad into it and, with its strong velcro flap, my iPad felt completely safe within the sturdy cover. Once fitted I immediately checked to make sure the case allowed me to use my camera, access the lock, on/off button and volume and to check that it put the iPad to sleep when closed. Everything worked as intended. 


Satisfied, I left it on the kitchen table whilst I got on with my housework. A little later my husband walked into the room and instantly was drawn to my new cover. He could not believe the quality and fit that the Snugg offered and actually admitted that he preferred it over his Apple cover - this is indeed high praise coming from him since he had insisted that only Apple would do at the time I bought his case for him!

The Snugg iPad 4 case really is a beauty - as I mentioned above it fits the iPad 3, affords full functionality, feels luxurious with its elegant PU leather and soft inner nubuck lining, is wipe clean - which is a must with my toddler daughter constantly grabbing at it - and it also folds to stand in either one of the two positions you prefer for typing or watching movies. Actually, regarding the folding, that too feels superior to the official Apple case which was forever collapsing during use! Also, although I don't yet have one, there's even a stylus loop to secure your stylus pen and this can be hidden if not required, thus ensuring your cover always looks good!

Finally, just so you can feel fully with your Snugg iPad 4 case, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. If, through no fault of your own, your case develops a problem, they'll send you a brand new one. For me, this seals the deal!

The Snugg iPad 4 case is available in a variety of colours either directly from The Snugg priced at £39.99 or alternatively, it can be purchased from Amazon.

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