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The Big Family School Year Diary - Helping Busy Families to Remember the Important Things Each Year!

The-big-family-school-year-diaryEvery year, around the end of December, I treat myself to a nice new diary. The kids all head back to school and at some point in June they all come home with a year's worth of special dates for me to remember. I start to write them all into my diary and of course, because it only reaches until December, I run out of pages. I usually stuff the important pages with all the dates into the back of my traditional diary and then typically forget all about them until I realise I've forgotten to note in my next diary something or other that I should have written down!

That's where The Big Family School Year Diary comes into its own. Unlike traditional diaries, it covers the school year, ie August to August and allows parents to mark all those important dates as soon as they arrive. Not only that, but rather than having to squash up everyone's dates together, the diary has individual space for every child via the MUM's Office signature GRID format. This is a great feature as it allows everyone in the family to know at a glance who is doing what on any given week. Genius! 

The diary doesn't stop there though. It also contains lots of useful sections allowing parents to note the following:

Essential Family Contact Details and Information
Pocket Money Records
Important Dates to Remember
Need to Know Information
Our Plans from July to the following August
Travel Plans,
Our Week
General Notes

The Big Family School Year Diary is a beautifully solid diary with heavy, luxurious pages that are not in danger of falling out. It features 2 ribbon book marks allowing you to return easily to the sections you use most often, a handy little elasticated loop to hold an all-important pen and it stays firmly shut with a colour co-ordinated elasticated band.

I'm really looking forward to filling in all this year's dates and delighted to know that they'll all be in one very handy place where my whole family will easily be able keep a check on things that are important to remember!

The Big Family School Year Diary, priced at a very reasonable £16.95,  looks good on the outside too with its striking reptile-effect cover which is available in three enticing colours - raspberry, blackberry and peppermint.

If you'd like to find out more or purchase your own Big Family School Year Diary, visit where you'll also find a great selection of other useful family products!

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