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Bébé Gourmet - My Baby Recipe Book

BeBe GourmetRecently I reviewed Annabel Karmel's latest recipe book and it's certainly become one of our family favourites. Full of tasty and easy to adapt recipes, there's something to suit everyone's tastes in the family. So, I was excited to receive another baby recipe book to review recently, namely Bébé Gourmet - My Baby Recipe Book, by mother of two Jenny Carenco of Les Menus Bébé.

A stunning book to look at, it is full of tempting and very beautiful photos of delicious meals which aim to help parents raise adventurous eaters from the age of 4 months upwards!

I'm proud of the fact that none of my children have ever been particularly picky eaters, something I firmly believe breastfeeding has helped with, although that's not to say they don't have certain preferences. For example, my eldest daughter prefers plainer foods and also eats raw rather than cooked carrots whilst my son absolutely adores spicy foods. My second daughter isn't keen on mushrooms but will take them if chopped up very small. And Sophia, the toddler, well she'll eat anything and everything. Consequently, Bébé Gourmet looks like a good bet for us.

Whilst I haven't yet had a chance to cook any of the recipes from the book, I am definitely planning on cooking some of the so-called "big kid dinners with the family" with Chicken and Vegetables in Coconut Milk being my first preference.

One thing I really love about recipe books such as this one is that they allow you to cook wholesome meals for the family and in so doing you know exactly what has gone into each and every dish. In fact, the author herself decided to create her own range of dishes after noticing how many additives are added to regular shop bought baby meals. I too never fail to be surprised at how much my own children enjoy my home-cooked meals which often end up with licked-clean plates as opposed to the left-overs when I cook fast-food meals! So, I'm looking forward to trying out the many tempting recipes in Bébé Gourmet.

However, I'm slightly concerned that the recipes are presented in portion sizes for babies. Although this is perfect if you're only planning on cooking meals for one baby, I'll be cooking them for my family of six! I'll obviously have to adjust the menus to make bigger family sized portions so hopefully I'll manage, otherwise there might be a few envious looks from the rest of us as Sophia tucks in!

The book contains 100 recipes in all and whilst we are now past some of the earlier recipes in the book, they do look like great starter foods for younger babies who are just moving onto solids. There are lots of fruit compotes to choose from as well as a great selection of purees and appetising lunches, sweets and dinners before moving onto recipes for babies from 12 months and which the whole family can enjoy.

Bébé Gourmet covers all the stages of baby diet development with an exciting range of dishes to choose from and is also peppered with advice from a famous French pediatrician, Dr Jean Lalau Keraly, a nutrition specialist.

Bébé Gourmet - My Baby Recipe Book will be published by Vermillion on 3rd October 2013 priced £14.99 for the hardback.

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