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Goo.ey skin for iPad
Goo.ey Skin for iPad
Like most parents of young children, I rely fairly heavily on the internet and since I work from home, quick and easy online access is a must. From researching material for an article I'm writing, to helping the children source information for homework, our iPad is used a lot. However, I'm forever leaving it down whilst I get on with housework or seeing to my toddler and, as anyone who has a tablet computer knows, you leave it down momentarily, someone in the family swipes it on you! 


For instance, if I sit my iPad on the coffee table whist I go to fill the kettle, I'll come back moments later to find one of my children has sneaked off with it. Worse still, I take my eyes off it to take a phone call and someone will walk off with it right in front of my eyes!

However, help is now at hand in the form of Goo.ey, an innovative material that affixes to the back of compatible tablets and smartphones and which allows you to stick your device securely to a suitable surface, be it in the home, office or even car!

Made of polyurethane epoxy with 3MTM adhesive, Goo.ey represents an evolution in this type of advanced material. It is smooth to the touch and won’t stick to your hands or pocket. Yet it adheres securely with suction to flat glass, mirror, ceramic, vinyl, laminate and metal surfaces. Goo.ey is even slim enough to use with your existing case or bumper. It’s removable, reusable and won’t leave a residue. 

Developed by a fellow mum, the Goo.ey is a force to be reckoned with as my son found out on his return from school last week. Testing just how effective the Goo.ey is, I placed it on our glass-topped coffee table knowing he'd try his usual stunt and disappear with it. However, his face was a picture when he realised it was stuck solid to the surface. Jokingly, I told him I'd superglued it to the table, though it didn't take him long to look underneath to see the gummy blue backing on the other side of the glass! Although he then managed to remove it, it took quite a lot more force than he or even I'd expected. However, so secure is the suction I now feel happy to let my almost 2 year old daughter use it on the same table to watch her favourite baby programmes and to play her dressing up and drawing games without worrying it will smash to the floor.

I also tested out the the Goo.ey on my patio doors just to test the security of it and whilst I must admit I was a little reluctant at first to let go of my iPad I needn't have worried as, just like the coffee table, it was difficult to remove once stuck!  

It's definitely a keeper for me as I can forsee many uses for it, from watching instruction videos whist trying out new make-up looks, to following recipes without having to stand over my iPad!

Having used the Goo.ey for just one week now, I highly recommend it and can only wonder how I ever did without it before now!

Goo.ey is compatible with the iPhone 4 & 5, Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 & S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPad Mini and iPad (all generations). Priced at £15.00 for the smartphones, £16.00 for the iPad Mini and Note 2 and £18.00 for the iPad. It's available on Amazon and through GooeySkins.com and would make for a fantastic and rather unusual gift for anyone owning a compatible smartphone or tablet in your life!

Watch the short video below to see for yourself just what a great product the Goo.ey is. 

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