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Alpaca Children's Socks by Perilla - Making Cold Feet a Thing of the Past!

Perilla- Alpaca-Kids-Boot-SocksUK company Perilla's Alpaca short ribbed socks are "the most comfortable, cosy warm socks in the world" - so says my daughter, Tara, who, believe me, loves her new socks! She's the sort of child who feels the cold much more than the rest of our family and when I asked her if she'd like to try these for me, her grin said it all.

Made from 75% baby alpaca and 25% nylon, these alpaca socks for older children are incredibly soft and with a cushioned sole and hand linked toes, they are very nice to walk on - I know because I tried them out before passing them on to Tara! They keep feet toasty warm outdoors and when wearing them indoors, although they are not slip resistant, I felt like I was walking on air and really couldn't feel any cold floor beneath my feet. 

Some people, me included, find natural wool too prickly for comfort, but with alpaca wool this is not a problem as alpaca wool has a naturally low prickle quality! The wool also has hollow fibres making it more insulating, and therefore warmer, than wool.

I'm size 5 in socks and although the children's socks are available in shoe size UK 12½ - 3½, they actually fit me very well. However, being made for children, they're perhaps a little on the short side for adults. Thankfully, Perilla also cater for both adults and younger children too and have the most gorgeous little alpaca baby booties and alpaca bed socks for mums. In fact, the baby booties and bed socks would make a fantastic and much appreciated gift for any new mum or mum to be.

It's important to know if you're concerned about the welfare aspect of these products that alpaca are never killed for their wool as they are considered too valuable. Perilla's alpaca wool only comes from alpaca that have died of natural causes.

Available in a range of colours, the children's alpaca socks only need occasional washing as the wool naturally repels odour and bacteria allowing the socks to stay soft and fresh. Perilla suggest washing them just once a season and being so robust, they also say they are likely to last a long time allowing parents to hand them down to the next child. When they do require washing, a 40 degree wool cycle is suggested or a gentle hand wash.

Priced at £12.50, the socks are more expensive than ordinary socks but to be fair, they are highly superior in quality and wear and tear looks unlikely given how thick the socks are.

You can purchase Perilla alpaca socks as well as a whole range of beautiful products for men, women and children at

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