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A Little More... Vitamin C
Sophia enjoying A Little More... Vitamin C

It's that time of the year again when all the dreaded bugs and colds begin to re-surface... and with 4 children of my own, I always dread the inevitable spread from one child to the next!

Like many parents, I do my best to ensure they eat a good range of healthy food with a plentiful supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. However, I do often struggle to remember to get them to take a daily multi-vitamin as backup. Therefore, I was interested in the a new range of vitamin-enriched, naturally fruit flavoured, sugar-free drinks by A Little More which I came across recently.

Although I am fortunate in that my children love our tap water (and in Northern Ireland we are lucky that our tap water tastes good), I am very aware that this is not always the case and know lots of people buy bottled water instead.

I also know many parents who tell me how lucky I am that my kids drink tap water as theirs won't touch it! On a typical day, my children fill their water bottles and bring them to school to have with their lunches but I'll happily admit there are times when I feel a bit bad that whilst many of their friends are sipping on fruit juice, mine aren't. The reason - I worry about them rotting their teeth with all the excess sugar that is often added to so-called fruit drinks.

A Little More might just change that though. Since it is a vitamin-enriched Spring water with no added sugar, it seems like a good way to ensure children over the age of 3 are getting their daily top-up of vitamins and minerals but as it is also naturally flavoured, it means they're getting something a little different and more flavourful from plain tap water (not that I have a problem with plain tap water - I just think a change is nice sometimes!)

When I asked my children to try a few of the flavours for me they were thrilled, not to mention pretty impressed. Unlike many vitamin-enriched drinks which tend to taste a little metallic or syrupy, my kids used the words 'delicious', 'scrumptious', 'tasty', 'thirst-quenching' when tasting the water and even bickered over who got to finish off each bottle - I've never seen them fight over whose turn it is to take a vitamin tablet! The older children were also quick to point out that the flavours tasted true to the fruits they represent, which is so often not the case at all with ordinary fruit drinks. So, all in all, I'd say that we had some pretty successful results!

The water is available in orange, apple, and mango & passion fruit. Whilst each of the flavours went down well with the children, the apple was their favourite and Sophia, my three year old (pictured) keeps asking me for (a little) more!

A Little More range includes: A Little More Vitamin C, A Little More Multivitamins and A Little More Vitamin D so you can choose drinks based on either the vitamin you think needs a boost or just on the flavour your kids prefer. Alternatively, you could just mix and match to ensure a top-up of each!

A Little More is available in six-packs comprised of 330ml sports cap bottles providing enough for a daily top-up of vitamins and minerals every school day plus one for the weekend! It is also available in multipacks and can be purchased in Tesco, Asda and Ocado stores UK-wide costing from £1.09. Visit for more information.

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