Wanted! Your Pregnancy Stories, Labour Stories, Birth Stories and Breastfeeding Stories

I'm always looking for more ways to help the many women who visit this blog and my website, www.BreastfeedingMums.com. 

Stories are always nice as they not only help reassure but also allow mothers to be and breastfeeding mothers see they are not alone and that many women have very similar experiences of pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding.

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Motherwear Podcasts

Check out the wonderful podcasts Tanya at Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog has been putting together lately. I think they're fantastic and apart from anything else show Tanya has a real talent for interviewing people!

The first podcast features a fascinating interview with Cate Colburn Smith, co-author of The Milk Memos, whilst the most recent one looks at Postpartum depression, breastfeeding, and why you need your Omega 3's.

Make time to listen to both... they give a great insight into many of the breastfeeding issues that affect lots of new mothers.

Free Pregnancy Podcasts

Although this is predominantly a breastfeeding blog, my website (which started out as such) has evolved over time to also incorporate lots of pregnancy information. As I said here before, I realised soon after starting the website that I needed to reach out to pregnant women as well as those women who were already breastfeeding in order to get the message across that breastfeeding is nature's way to feed a baby... and for good reason.

Over time I've noticed that the majority of my website's visitors are actually searching for pregnancy articles particularly Preparing for Pregnancy, Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Morning Sickness During Pregnancy. And for this reason I thought I'd mention here that these articles, as well as lots more both pregnancy and breastfeeding related, are now also available as podcasts on my other blog, BreastfeedingMums Podcasts and below.

So if you're thinking of getting pregnant in the near future, wondering if you might already be pregnant, or trying to cope with the debilitating waves of nausea that often accompany pregnancy then have a listen to the following podcasts:

Download podcast-preparing-for-pregnancy.mp3

Download podcast-early-pregnancy-symptoms.mp3

Download podcast-pregnancy-and-morning-sickness.mp3

And please, do keep checking out BreastfeedingMums Podcasts for new additions!

Free Podcasts

My_latest_gadget_edirol_r09_mp3_re Anyone who knows me knows I have to keep busy - and busy I have been lately...

My latest project... Free Podcasts!

I've been frantically learning how to create and upload MP3's over the last few days in order to podcast articles from my website (reason for this = to attract new visitors, to make my site more accessible to existing visitors... and to hear my own voice (only kidding! ;))!

What this has also meant is a whole new blog; so meet my new baby - http://breastfeedingmums.typepad.com/podcasts.

Have a listen and let me know what you think...

(All my podcasts are recorded on an amazing little machine, the one and only Edirol R-09 Wave/MP3 Recorder - available here from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk!)